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WhatsApp has entered this Tuesday the preview of voice messages, a function that allows the user to ensure that the message is correct before sending it, and that complements other functions already available such as hands-free recording.

Voice messages are one of the most popular functions among WhatsApp users; They broaden the possibilities of texting by conveying emotions and expressing a lot when time is short, but they also offer more flexibility than calling.

This Tuesday, the technology company has improved voice messages with preview, a function that allows the user listen to the message before sending it to your contacts, and thus ensure that it does not contain errors.

It is not the first function that WhatsApp launches to improve or complement the experience of voice messages, since it allows hands-free recording (no need to hold the button down) or even speed up the playback of messages.

Precisely, the preview takes advantage of the hands-free recording. In it, the user can stop the recording to proceed to listen to it, both complete and a specific part. If you are not convinced, you can press the trash button to delete itBut if you think it’s okay, just hit the send button to get it to the recipient.

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