Baidu releases its Ernie app, which has powers akin to the GPT-4, according to reports

Madrid. Yesterday, Baidu unveiled its artificial intelligence-based chatbot Ernie (AI). He affirms that although its application is currently restricted to the Chinese market, it has capabilities that are strikingly similar to the GPT-4 model created by OpenAI.

This Asian search engine has made investments in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for a variety of industries with the goal of integrating it into cloud services, semiconductors, and even smart driving services, like fleets. robotaxi.

Bloomberg revealed at the end of January that this Beijing, China-based internet search engine intended to introduce a chatbot service in March. According to The Wall Street Journal, he was scheduled to arrive yesterday under the alias Ernie Bot and was having trouble doing some basic tasks at the time.

Baidu made a passing allusion to Ernie’s use of the abbreviation for Improved Representation Through Knowledge Integration, mentioning that it had been created during the previous ten years.

The chatbot service has matured enough technologically that it is currently available. Since it uses a language specific to the Chinese market, it is not accessible to the general public.

It has also been shown that it is capable of doing tasks relating to augmented reality, computer vision, natural language processing, voice recognition, and graphic recognition.

The executive director of Baidu, Robin Li, stated at the presentation that the bot’s capabilities are comparable to those of OpenAI’s new generation of the GPT 4 language model, which it released last Tuesday.

He specifically mentioned the chatbot’s knowledge bank, which contains 550 billion pieces of information and ensures that your answers will be accurate. Yet, because they are also concentrated on the Chinese market, some of the information they can provide may only be relevant to this area.

video, pictures, and audio

This technology can produce graphics and even films from text descriptions made in several dialects of Chinese in addition to audio responses in those dialects.

Baidu used a number of scenarios to demonstrate Ernie’s method of operation. Hence, he demonstrated that the chatbot is capable of creating a description of a science fiction book that includes information about how the plot might develop.

This AI model also has the ability to select a company’s slogan based on a description of the functions and goals of the organization.

650 businesses have signed up to use Ernie’s technology, according to the CEO of Baidu, however for the time being only those who have been specifically invited will have access.

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