Twitter encountered issues loading content and experienced its third outage in a month

The application showed troubles this Friday afternoon around the world.

Twitter For the third time in a month, it resumed operation with issues: at 6 in the afternoon in Argentina, the social network’s contents did not load when viewed by browsers, and a portion also affected mobile devices.

So far in March, this is the second decline to be observed; the first was noted at the start of the month, and a week later, the social network resumed operation but with difficulties.

The website DownDetector, which tracks service outages globally, recorded 57% of users who reported browser anomalies (often accessed via laptops or PCs), and 33% of reports from mobile devices.

As a result of the many changes that Elon Musk, the company’s owner, does week by week, the system is increasingly unstable and crashes more frequently.

When the tycoon last discussed these drops, he made an effort to paint a more optimistic picture. At the beginning of the month, he discussed these issues when users were unable to view content published on the network and explained that the service interruption occurred later about what They will try to make a change that should only affect 1% of users.

What was supposed to be a minor adjustment for the top 1% of Twitter users turned out to be a disastrous adjustment for the top 100%, he claimed.

As an analogy to the current situation, Musk also mentioned that Twitter programmers were striving to streamline the Twitter software code.

Musk lets people go and aspires to higher numbers.

Musk, who paid $44 billion for Twitter last October, said that the social network might have “positive cash flow” in the upcoming quarter.

The billionaire stated in an interview at a Morgan Stanley event that was streamed live, “I don’t want to be jinxed, but I think we have an opportunity to be cash flow positive next quarter.

The platform’s numbers would shift as a result of both rising social network usage and falling prices.

When Musk took charge, the company has undergone significant layoffs and even office supply auctions.

Twitter is a shaky platform, says Musk. A Reuters photo

Musk claims that Twitter, which has 500 million active users and 250 million daily users, is the “world’s number one” news platform.

“On average, we receive between 120 and 230 million hours of human attention each day. And what’s really intriguing and just unexpected is how little is being made money “Musk was tense.

According to the CEO of Tesla and the creator of SpaceX, Twitter presently makes roughly 5–6 cents per hour of that time, and his long-term objective is to make 10–25 cents.

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