An administrator of Breach Forums, a site for buying and selling personal data, is arrested

The FBI detained on Friday one of the administrators of Breach Forums, one of the major sites for purchasing and selling personal data stolen by thieves. Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, also known online as “Pompompuri,” was charged with cybercrime.

Databases of more than a thousand entities, including businesses and governments, are hosted on the web, formerly known as Raid Forums. These databases contain identities, documents, addresses, and other sensitive information that is sold for a variety of illegal activities.

He tells Clarion that the website is specialized and is “committed, among other things, to the transmission and marketing of pirated, stolen or leaked material.” Threat analyst Mauro Eldritch of Birmingham Cyber Arms LTD. Latin America In truth, this site has been hosting a lot of leaks (leaks) during the previous few years.

Access to emails from the Navy or Army, complete leaks of the Police from Rio Negro, Salta, from the City (more than once)Municipality of Dolores, Automotive Registry, Judiciary of Santa Cruz and Ro Negro, the Supreme Court of Buenos Aires and Neuquén, Housing Institute of Neuquén, access to administrator panels of the Ministry of Energy, among other things, according to the expert.

Private businesses like Sure, Movistar, online stores, the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (WAIT), and IDs are examples. Data that had been stolen from the Robinhood platform and the computer manufacturer Acer had been stored there on a global scale.

Eldritch explains that among the content uploaded to the website there are typically leaks of all kinds, including what is known as “combolists”: text files with leaked email addresses, usernames, and passwords that can be used for various kinds of cyberattacks, like those that use “brute force,” among other things.

Regarding Pompompurin

According to the analyst, Pompompurin was one of the forum’s most well-known admins.

Fitzpatrick was listed as a 2021 graduate of Peekskill High School in a local newspaper. According to court documents, the country in 2002, and the address of the arrest is the home indicated as his parents’.

He continues, “Thus far, it is known that Pom would have created an account on IntelligenceX, disclosing his IP address, which caused this site to share the information with the authorities who ultimately arrested him.

His most recent action on the website was at 3:53 p.m., according to the FBI’s announcement made at 4:30 p.m. on Friday.

According to Bloomberg, the FBI agent who led the other agents in the arrest of Fitzpatrick claimed that Fitzpatrick acknowledged using the alias “Pompompurin” and that the person responsible for Breach Forums was the site’s owner and operator.

According to Bloomberg, Fitzpatrick’s parents eventually paid $300,000 to secure his release on bond; they did not reply to a request for comment. He was represented in court by Benjamin Gold, who likewise declined to comment.

Although it also has a version on the dark web, Breach Forums has always been reachable through popular browsers like Google Chrome or Safari (clearnet), unlike other cybercrime websites.

According to Eldritch, “The forum always had two access options, clearnet with different domains as these were dropping, and as hidden service [oculto] accessible through Tor.

It may be anticipated that Pom will not return, according to another forum moderator, who promised to take over the community after his incarceration. Throughout a lengthy conversation, several users showed their support for Pompompurin.

Cybercrime hits in 2023

Users connected to cybercrime have previously been apprehended by the justice system.

The Netherlands police detained three young guys who had amassed a plunder of 2.5 million euros through ransomware extortion during the last week of February. The suspects, who range in age from 18 to 21, are suspected of assaulting thousands of medium-sized and large businesses from various nations.

On the other side, two brothers, ages 18 and 20, were detained in France this year for stealing cryptocurrency from the network valued $9.5 million. Finance Platypus.

The biggest blow came at the end of January of this year when Hive, one of the biggest ransomware gangs in the world, was taken down by the FBI in a collaborative operation with other security forces.

However, unlike the REvil ransomware group in January 2022, they did not manage to apprehend any members.

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