Four astronauts successfully returned to Earth, video shows landing

The astronauts worked on the International Space Station for almost half a year.

Four astronaut returned from the International Space Station (ISS) to Earth on Sunday morning.

The capsule carrying the astronauts fell into the Gulf of Mexico off Florida at around four in the morning Finnish time.

Down the returned astronauts worked on the space station for almost six months. The group includes NASA astronauts Nicole Mann and josh cassadaa Japanese Space Administration astronaut Koichi Wakata and a cosmonaut of the Russian Space Agency Anna Kikina.

According to the Reuters news agency, Mann was the first Native American woman in space and Kiki was the first cosmonaut to travel on a US spaceship in 20 years.

Russia used to transport astronauts to the station with its Soyuz ship, but now the ships of the US space company SpaceX have also handled the transports.

A replacement group of astronauts arrived at the space station already on March 3, and they are supposed to work on the station for about six months.

United States on announced that he was going to drive down The International Space Station in 2031. Instead, private space stations will be established, which the US space administration Nasa also plans to rent and use.

Before its war of aggression against Ukraine, Russia promised to participate in maintaining the International Space Station until 2024. Cooperation on the space station has continued despite Russia’s military actions.

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