Meta expands its rewards program to those who discover leaked user data on the Internet

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has decided to expand its rewards program to also reward those who discover databases with information from your users filtered on the Internet or errors in your platform that may allow you to collect this information in a massive way.

The Mark Zuckerberg-owned company already had a bounty program in place, but it only covered cybersecurity researchers who reported on vulnerabilities present in their services.

Now, Meta has expanded this rewards program to also include data collection, which “continues to be a problem throughout the Internet,” as the company has assured in a statement.

The first part of the extension refers to Meta platforms errors that allow massive data collection, so that it is more complicated and more expensive for those who carry out this type of automated attacks.

In this way, the program will reward researchers who inform the company about new collection methods that are not known so faror to obtain amounts of data greater than those allowed, even if the data to which it refers is public.

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the industry’s first data collection bug bounty program,” said Meta.

Likewise, the American company has included an additional reward form in its program by which will reward people who discover on the Internet massive databases of user data from Meta platforms.

As part of this initiative, you will reward those who find public databases with at least 100,000 unique records with personal data related to Facebook users, as long as these have not been previously reported.

Meta will award financial rewards to those who discover errors in its service, while users who discover databases will be awarded donations to charitable causes of similar amounts.

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