MADRID, 25 Jun. (Portaltic/EP)

The social network Instagram try the possibility of create and upload posts on desktop web version of its service, which allows for the first since the implementation of the service on desktop computers in 2012.

Media consultant Matt Navarra has shared this Thursday on Twitter the discovery of the function that allows publishing from the desktop version of Instagram.

Navarra has also shown that is available in the service icons located at the top right on, in a position between Direct Messages and the Explore compass. A spokeswoman for Facebook, which owns Instagram, confirmed to Bloomberg that these tests were carried out.

The new feature is highlighted with text that reads: “You can now create and share posts directly from your computer.” By pressing the icon, shaped like a square with rounded edges and a ‘plus’ symbol inside, the platform directs you to create a ‘New Post’, for what they can drag or upload images and videos.

Subsequently, these contents can be trim in original size, square (1: 1), portrait (4: 5) or landscape (16: 9). Likewise, it is also possible edit the image raising or lowering the level of brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, shadows and vignette, as well as add filters that appear in the mobile app.

As in the application, the user can write a description, indicate the location, change the options accessibility and perform advanced settings.

The responses to the Navarra publication and a verification by Europa Press of the website show that this service is not yet available to all users.

Until now, Instagram had never allowed to create ‘posts’ in its desktop version since the creation of the service for computers in 2012, but it incorporated direct messages in 2020 and a renewed carousel design for Stories.

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