Meta revealed: This is the number of Israelis who are members of at least one Facebook group

Meta in Israel (formerly Facebook) held its annual community event in its offices, with the participation of 80 community managers – who together represent more than four million Israelis who are members of the communities on the platform. The conference was held as a sign of innovation and dealt with the future of the communities at Mavares, the new chapter in the company’s vision.

During the event, new details were revealed for the first time about the scope of activity of the communities in Israel, which shows, among other things, that five million Israelis, more than half of the country’s population, are members of at least one Facebook group. Also, more than 1.8 billion people worldwide are members of Facebook groups, and each person on Facebook is a member of about 30 communities on average. In addition, more than 70 million people worldwide run a community on the platform.

The event was attended by the leaders of the leading communities in Israel – Mamachik (623K), Pashpashuk (596K), secret flights (303K), parenting by right (246K), Reut Takani Lee (151K), Curly (101K), Women’s Industry Forum (85K), Detilishs (85K) 56K), Instagram Israel (31K), here live fun (28K), women talk real estate (23K), metaphysicians (14K), Twitter marketing executives (12K) and more.

Adi Sofer Thani, Meta’s CEO in Israel said during the event: “We are at the beginning of an exciting period, in which we have embarked on the next phase of the Internet revolution. This revolution will touch all areas of our lives, and one of the aspects that will be most significantly affected is our social interactions. Who like you understands the impact that technology has on the social fabric – if the computer allowed us to build meaningful communities with people from other countries, and mobile gave us the ability to stay in touch and send messages from anywhere, the Mowers will give us a much richer social experience. And we can all assimilate into it. ”

“I have no doubt that those sitting here in the room, the leaders of the leading communities in Israel, are going to be an integral part of building the Towers – and they are the ones who will shape the social interactions of all of us and build meaningful communities in the new era,” she concluded.

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