Tech ideas for Christmas gifts to avoid supply problems

Christmas is coming and, with the extension of vaccines against Covid, many will want to celebrate in style their first (almost) normal Christmas in two years, which also includes gifts from Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men for friends and family.

This year, the shortages of components such as processors and problems in the supply chain and international logistics have led many consumers to grab their tech gifts in advance.

However, every year there are those who wait until the last moment to write their gift letter, and these are some proposals that we have compiled in Portaltic for those who want to get technological devices to give away without suffering the ravages of scarcity.


Despite certain supply problems, in the case of personal laptops it is still possible to get hold of good equipment presented in recent months to give away this Christmas.

Some of the most powerful models that can appear in the list of the Magi or Santa Claus are LG gram 16Z90P (1,614.15 euros) and Dell XPS 15 (1.399 euros).

If what you want is a computer with Chrome OS system for less demanding tasks when studying or working, Chromebook laptops can be chosen as HP Chromebook 14b-na0002ns (499 euros), Acer Chromebook 715 (499 euros) o ASUS Chromebook 14 C424 (399 euros).

If instead of a laptop you opt for the tablet format, some gift ideas can be: Lenovo YOGA Smart Tab 10 con WiFi (199 euros), the realme Pad (199.99 euros) or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE (639 euros).


Many are those who these parties would like to renew their equipment to play video games and are faced with difficulties such as the lack of units for consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S, as well as Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 graphics cards, products that They have been practically out of stock for months.

Alternatives for those who want to give to the most ‘gamers’ avoiding the lack of ‘stock’ can be one new SSD memory like Kingston FURY Renegade (1TB for 171 euros), the hard drive Toshiba Canvio Gaming (1TB for 62 euros) or the Dell Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset AW510H (from 82.27 euros).

Although there are no consoles to play recently launched video games, an alternative to continue obtaining new titles is the subscription services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (9.99 euros per month), with which Halo Infinite can also be played from PC, or Nvidia GeForce Now prioritaria (9.99 euros per month), with games like Crysis Remastered.


If what you want is to surprise with one of the latest models of mobile phones on the market, users have options available this Christmas within the mid-range such as POCO M4 Pro 5G (229,99 euros), really GT Neo 2 (389 euros), vivo Y72 5G (299 euros), Honor 50 (499 euros) o Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G (448,99 euros).

If the budget is not a problem for the Three Kings, high-end or even premium mobiles such as OnePlus 9 (699 euros), Oppo Reno 6 Pro (799 euros), Huawei Mate 40 Pro (1,199 euros) o Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (1.059 euros).


Music is a perfect ally for these parties and it can also be to choose to give away technological devices to be able to listen to music anywhere such as wireless headphones. An example are the Pixel Buds Serie A (99 euros), LG Tone Free FP8 with Active Noise Cancellation (147.93 euros) or the Sony WF-C500 (100 euros).

Another option is the devices to listen to music at home, for which the Sony LPSX-S3 glass speaker (350 euros) or the model JBL PartyBox 110 (379 euros), as well as the sound bars to use with the TV as Second generation Sonos Beam (499 euros) o Samsung HW-Q800A (569,20 euros).


Technology is increasingly reaching more everyday functions, as evidenced by Internet of Things (IoT) devices, with technological gifts that can help make life easier, such as the robot aspirator Roomba j7+ by iRobot (999 euros) or Kobold VR300 de Vorwerk (899 euros).

Home security can be a good choice, with gifts like the air purifier Smartmi Air Purifier P1 (179.90 euros), the Netatmo carbon monoxide detector (99.99 euros) or the Second Generation Ring Video Doorbell Video Door Station (99,99 euros).

Other gifts can be very good to help save at home, such as smart thermostats like tado┬║ (the starter kit costs 249.99 euros) or Nest, con Thermosthat E (from 219 euros).

In either case, technology ends up being a good option to include on the list of Christmas gifts, and it is still possible to surprise with it even in the midst of a supply crisis.

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