Sharp and clear from every angle: Gigabyte’s 32.inch gaming screen

The Gigabyte’s 32-inch AORUS FI32U gaming screen is a rounded and concave screen with many advanced features. If I try to summarize them in one sentence, then this is a screen that is suitable for gaming use on consoles as well as computers. The new screen, in 4K resolution is different from the screens I have had so far, and it is going to make a big change in everything that happens in the channel.

As mentioned, the Gigabyte screen is just a huge screen, and its resolution makes everything look very sharp. From the use I have made of it so far it appears that no matter where I looked at it – I was able to see the content displayed in it, whether it is videos or some text, in a really good and clear way. From what I’ve been able to use it so far it’s just an amazing screen.

In addition, it can be adjusted in a variety of shapes: it can be rotated in different directions, raised and lowered. Another surprising option is that it can be rotated 90 degrees. I feel like it leaves me a lot of space on the table, despite its not small size. However, I would like to see screens that take up even less space on the table.

The screen can be purchased on Amazon

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