77% of mobile phones sold in Spain in the third quarter were mid.range, according to Canalys

77 percent of the ‘smartphones’ sold in Spain during the third quarter of 2021 were mid-range, with prices between 100 and 499 dollars, with models of Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo among the most popular.

This is clear from the analysis of the Spanish mobile phone market in the third quarter of the year published by the firm Canalys, in which it stands out that the Spanish market is increasingly polarized, with a greater weight of the medium and high ranges and less of the intermediate ones.

77 percent of the market is included in the price range between $ 100 and $ 499, which encompasses the low-mid and mid-range. The $ 200-299 segment is the most popular (29 percent).

19 percent of smartphone sales in Spain continue to correspond to the high-end, with a terminal above $ 850 in price, while the intermediate ranges, between $ 500 and $ 849, are relegated to a 4 percent share.

Likewise, Canalys has compiled which were the five best-selling mobile phone models in Spain during the third quarter of 2021, among which the Samsung’s Galaxy A12, with 251,000 units marketed.

Behind are three Xiaomi mid-range models, such as Redmi Note 10 Pro (139,000 units), Redmi 9A (137,000) and Redmi Note 10S (107,000). Another Chinese brand such as it sneaks into the top 5 Oppo with on A53S (105,000 units).

Among the most common characteristics among the five best-selling mobiles are: Dual SIM and the at least 5,000 mAh battery, present in all models, which also maintain the 4G connectivity versus the latest and fastest 5G standard.

Canalys has also provided data on the best-selling brands in the third quarter in Spain, which are headed by Xiaomi, although it falls 39 percent Over the previous year. It is followed by Samsung, which also falls, 41 percent.

In third position is Apple, which grows 36 percent compared to last year, followed by Oppo (falls 4 percent) and TCL (grows 57 percent annually).

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