Wanna have the first SMS sent in the world? pay $ 225,000

The NFT trend has become one of the hottest of the past year. Just before it ends, he will record another particularly bizarre landmark when the first SMS ever is expected to be sold for an imaginary sum. And what good cause will the proceeds go?

The world’s first text message is up for auction as NFT – and is expected to be sold for a huge sum. For those who have not yet heard of the trend we are told that NFT (short for Non-fungible token) is a type of unique digital certificate, registered in a blockchain and actually used as an intellectual property certificate on various digital assets like works of art.

The text message, which is estimated to sell for no less than $ 225,000, was sent from an Orbitel 901 device in December 1992 and was short and to the point. It included only one sentence: “Merry Christmas”.

The then Vodafone board member, Richard Jarvis, received the 15-character message from Neil Papworth, an engineer at the company who was only 22 at the time and worked on the company’s short message service (SMS). Vodafone itself is the one selling the same historical message as the exclusive NFT, which will be available for purchase in the Ether crypto currency.

The whole move is for a good cause – the money from the auction will be donated entirely to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. “The very transmission of the message three decades ago was a crucial moment in the history of cellular technology.”

The winner of the auction will receive the text message as a digital NFT file, which will also contain information about the sender and recipient, and includes, among other things, their telephone number at the time. The sale itself will take place this coming Tuesday (December 21) in Paris and is organized by the Aguttes auction house.

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