Special guide: This is how you can start paying with your smartphone

The option to pay via mobile phone, without pulling out our physical wallet, has been available in Israel for several years. It is very likely that the entry into Israel of Apple Pei Several months ago, andGoogle Pay Earlier this month, digital wallets will help become more and more popular across the country.

As mentioned, it is now possible to pay via smartphone at any business that supports non-contact payment – the EMV system – which is located in most businesses in Israel. The payment itself is made through the NFC chip, a short-term wireless communication technology that allows users to identify with the payment terminals. After attaching the device to the terminal, the payment apps will charge the user. NFC is now available in most smartphones, along with other devices – such as smartwatches and tablets.

Here’s how to check if your device supports NFC technology: Settings> In the “Search settings” bar type NFC> click and activate NFC. If you did not find the NFC in the device – you will not be able to make payments without contact.

Here’s how to set up your digital wallet on your smartphone: Look for the payment app (Apple pay, Google pay, bitcard or any other app you want) in the app store, install and open it> At this point you will be required to set up your means of payment> After entering the details, a verification procedure will be performed with your bank. Additional verification using a code to be sent in an SMS message.

In any case, if you have not yet set up any lock to the device (fingerprint, code or template) for the purpose of opening it, you will be required to set one. Now all you have to do is open the device and attach it to the terminal at the business.

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