Google’s AI team and DeepMind are working together to compete with OpenAI, according to The Information

In a new endeavor, the artificial intelligence (AI) teams from Google and DeepMind, the other part of parent firm Alphabet dedicated to this technology, are collaborating in an effort to challenge and topple OpenAI’s hegemony.

The project, known internally as Gemini (Gemini), unites Alphabet’s two specialized AI teams and was started a few weeks ago in response to Bard’s presentation in order to create software that can compete with the OpenAI chatbot.

The Information has learned from sources acquainted with the project that it required Brain AI and DeepMind to put years of animosity aside in order to collaborate.

Alternatively, the aforementioned medium also claims that Google would have used data from the OpenAI chatbot to train Bardhis “chatbot” based on the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) conversation technology, with which he hopes to improve the search experience and provide “current and high-quality answers.”

According to a former Google developer, it would have been taken from a website called ShareGPT where users of ChatGPT share the discussions they conduct with this service. The Verge was told by Google representative Chris Pappas that this was untrue. He guarantees that “Bard is not trained on any ShareGPT or ChatGPT data.”

Because to the controversy that ChatGPT caused and its use in search engines, it was discovered in the middle of January that Google’s co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, had examined the company’s artificial intelligence strategy and contributed to its development.

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