Google Play adds a filter to facilitate the search for ‘apps’ compatible with each device

Google’s download store, Play Store, has introduced a new search filter that allows you to find those available applications for different devices, depending on whether it is an Android mobile, a television with Android TV or a watch with Wear OS.

As they have indicated from 9to5Google, it is a function that organizes applications according to the device on which they want to be installed and which simplifies the download process.

This is because some applications have a different version depending on the operating system, so this filter will take care of remove from the list those that are not available for Android TV but yes for an Android terminal.

Thus, in the ‘Your devices’ section, it offers the option to choose the available ‘hardware’ and linked to the Play Store account in which you want to install an application. Once the device has been chosen, this service is downloaded without the need to do so from the computer where you want to have this application.

By breaking with that exclusivity, it will not be necessary to download the apps from the smart watch, but you can proceed to that installation from the ‘smartphone’ itself choosing in the section of ‘My devices’ the watch with Wear OS.

From 9to5Google they have been able to verify that the new Google Play Store device filter has been available since last week.

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