Telecom will “turn on” the ultra.speed data network on the Atlantic Coast

Telecom announced this Wednesday that it will turn on the 5G ultra-speed data network in the seaside resorts of Mar del Plata, Pinamar and Cariló, putting into operation 10 new Personal mobile antennas to use this service with eligible devices.

In the city of Mar del Plata, 4 antennas with this technology were installed in the areas of Playa Bristol, Varese, Mogotes and Playa Grande; in Pinamar 5 sites were lit that will cover the entire town and in Cariló 1 site corresponding to the downtown area.

The 5G sites will be enabled on an experimental basis, starting in January, powered by Huawei, and they already have the first advances in the networks of this new technology.

How to connect to the 5G network on the Coast

Personal clients who have compatible mobile devices (Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G, Moto g100, Razr 5G and Motorola Edge 20 Pro and Edge 20 Lite) and are close to the enabled sites will begin to experience the first spreads of the fifth generation of Mobile technology.

In addition, as part of the evolution of its plans and services, Personal expanded data quota for its postpaid customers (from 12 to 15GB and from 20 to 25GB), thus allowing greater internet use throughout the month to meet demand.

The 5G network will offer great opportunities for the development of the Internet of Things (IOT) thanks to its main characteristics: high response speed (100 times higher than browsing over the 4G network), low latency and multiple devices connected at the same time .

The fifth generation technology solution requires regulatory definitions Essential for the complete provision of services, such as dedicated spectrum.

Just as 4G technology transformed the world of mobile data, the 5G standard will go even further enabling speeds of 10Gbps, greater capacity of connected devices, coverage and benefits than the current LTE-4G / 4.5G.

From smart cities, the internet of things, connected houses and cars, home automation and artificial intelligence may be implemented in terms of innovations hand in hand with 5G technology in the coming years.

The advance of 5G in Argentina

The company was the first in Argentina to turn on the 5G networkSince February 2021, it has already put 10 Personal mobile antennas into operation in the cities of Buenos Aires and Rosario.

Coria and Nalbandian first tested a demo of Personal's 5G network. Coria and Nalbandian first tested a demo of Personal’s 5G network.

Telecom also carried out different tests for three years to make tangible the possibilities that the fifth generation of mobile phones will bring. “Preparation not only requires ‘turning on’ 5G base stations: for a good service, the current 4G network is being improved both in coverage, availability and capacity,” they clarified from the telephone company.

At the national level Personal is the provider with higher 4G coverage reaching 97.6% of the country’s population; and its 4.5G upgrade is active on 100% of the 4G network.

In 2018, a laboratory test was carried out with Nokia, while in 2019 public demonstrations were held in the City of Buenos Aires and Córdoba with Huawei.

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