The NASA space agency has given the green light to carry out the first private mission to the International Space Station, which will also feature businessman Eitan Steve, who will become the second Israeli astronaut in space. The multinational that approves the missions to the space station has granted the required clearance for the flight of the private space company Axiom Space.

The Axiom-1 mission, nicknamed the “Sky”, is scheduled to take off on February 28, 2022, with the mission commander, Michael Lopez-Allegria, a former NASA astronaut and the American astronaut for several hours of space travel, pilot Larry Connor and missionaries Ethan Steve And Mark Patty from Canada.During their eight days on the space station, crew members are expected to conduct scientific experiments for technology companies, hospitals, educational institutions and other bodies.

As stated, the mission is intended to promote and expand the Israeli space industry. During his stay at the International Station, Steve will perform dozens of scientific experiments for Israeli companies, make educational content accessible to Israeli children in Hebrew and provide a platform for Israeli works of art.

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