Facebook is considering adding a new feature to Instagram, which will allow new photos and videos to be uploaded directly from the computer, Bloomberg reported over the weekend. This is a revolutionary upgrade, as in the more than a decade that has passed since the launch of Instagram, this has only been possible on mobile phones and tablets.

“We know that many people choose to browse Instagram through their computer,” the company said.

Earlier this week Facebook announced a number of innovations in the worlds of online shopping. Among the innovations can be found the expansion of the Shops feature to WhatsApp and the Marketplace. From now on, businesses in some countries will be able to display their store on WhatsApp as well, and businesses from the US will be able to sell their products as part of the Marketplace. Of products and advertising reviews on them.

A personalized shopping experience through advertisements was also announced. Instagram introduces new advertising solutions for Shops, which will enrich the shopping experience on the platform with the help of buyers’ personal preferences. The social network stated that it would examine the possibility that businesses could show buyers advertisements with the products that might interest them in the store, according to the behavior of their consumers, thus directing them to places where they are more likely to make a purchase.

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