Call of Duty suspended nearly 50,000 accounts in one day for cheating

The saga of war videogames Call of Duty has suspended nearly 50,000 player accounts in a single day for cheating in its latest installment, Call of Duty: Vanguard, as well as in its online version Warzone.

Thanks to the use of Ricochet, an anti-cheat system that Call of Duty began to deploy in early December, the video game saga was able to block 48,000 accounts of players who cheated, as announced by its official Twitter account.

The number of blocked accounts occurred during only one day: last Tuesday, December 21. Call of Duty launched Ricochet in Asia-Pacific on December 7, and a week later it was up and running worldwide.

Ricochet, which works on the latest installment of the saga, Vanguard, and its online version Warzone, is a tool that works at kernel level, with more privileges than traditional systems of this type.

Thanks to the use of the system, the developer can carry out more in-depth investigations and learn, for example, the applications that attempt to interact with the video game potentially to cheat. The system uses the data to enhance its smart detection capabilities.

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