how they differ and how to recognize them

For many, with Christmas comes the time to re-equip the technological section of the home, if it has not been done previously on dates such as Black Friday o Cybermonday, with interesting proposals in the section of second-hand equipment and reconditioned devices.

Maybe these terms do not sound familiar to many in the face of discounts offered by brands. However, the options offered by these teams can be interesting for those who wish to save some money outside of the sales.

There are many establishments and brands in which they are offered Refurbished tablets, phones or laptops, which users sometimes mistakenly take for second-hand products.

One new product It is one that has never left its original packaging since it left the factory and was offered for sale by an establishment or distributor. It is the user who is responsible for unsealing it and giving it use.

In the event that you are not satisfied with its appearance or how it works, you can return it within the corresponding period (which is usually 30 days).


If these devices are returned and the store decides to put them up for sale again, they would either be refurbished or second-hand.

The main difference between one and the other is that to sell it as refurbished, must go through a testing process in order to determine that its operation is correct and is in the ideal conditions.

For this, technicians and professionals specialized in technology are responsible for setting up the device, such as a mobile phone.

Generally, they belong to this family of reconditioned exhibition smartphones or commercial samples, that have been used solely to verify their operation.

As its name suggests, the device goes through a reconditioning process that is intended to make it appear as if it has never been used. Therefore, if necessary, we proceed to change the screen in case it is damaged or the case.

Both the product and its accessories (headphones, USB cables, chargers …) are thoroughly cleaned to give a feeling of being new, files are deleted and it returns to its original settings as long as apps have been downloaded.

This review also takes into account the health of the battery. If necessary, it is also changed. This is one of the reasons that explain why there are some refurbished products and others that can only be purchased second-hand.

Because technology is constantly evolving, it is sometimes very difficult to recondition an older mobile phone in the absence of components, so they are usually sold second-hand. That is, without going through that reconditioning process.

Once tuned, with the repair of damaged parts or replacement of some parts, undergo further testing to determine if they are working properly.

In addition to its almost new appearance and its detailed revision, many Users choose to purchase a refurbished product at second hand other’s place because the former include a guarantee.

In this way, if users find any anomaly during their use, can claim it to the technical service and the seller has the obligation to repair it free of charge as long as it is within the term.

In this way, users of refurbished devices have the ability to save compared to a new factory terminalBut they are not liable to run out of warranty if the warranty fails.

Regarding second-hand devices, in accordance with the aforementioned, also are equipment that has been used previously until the moment when buyers decide to sell it, usually at a lower price.

When it is acquired by an establishment that is dedicated to the sale of used devices, this should work properly, but it doesn’t have to look like a factory-shipped machine.

Unlike with reconditioned, second-hand are not functionally tested nor do they change the components that present damage, not even their battery. They are sold at a lower price than refurbished, but do not offer a warranty between individuals.


In the face of technology shortages stemming from the current component crisis, refurbished devices have become an interesting alternative for many users.

Apple, for example, is one of the brands that has made the decision to sell renewed versions of their own products. Among the products that it certifies as such are the iPad Pro, the iPhone 11 Pro or the MacBook Air.

The brand offers discounts of up to 271 euros on the iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB reconditioned, so that instead of spending 1,320 euros, users can choose this option for 1,049 euros.

Something similar happens with the reconditioned 13.3-inch MacBook Pro, whose final price is 1,229 euros (220 euros are reduced from the 1,449 euros if it is new).

As the brand indicates on its website, all of them can be financed, are like new and have a one-year warranty, as well. like apple pledge for refurbished or certified products.

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