A man from Finland with a Tesla Model S blew up his vehicle with dynamite because of the cost of replacing the battery of over $ 22,000

The owner of a Tesla Model S in Finland decided to blow up his electric car with dynamite after he needed a battery replacement, which Tesla says is going to cost $ 22,000.

There is not much information on how much it costs to replace a battery of an electric car, or especially a Tesla car. It is difficult to answer a question since the vast majority of Tesla battery replacements have been made under warranty.

Early on, Tesla offered an eight-year unlimited mileage warranty, for Model S and Model X.

In Finland, a man named Tuomas Katainen, owner of the 2013 Tesla Model S, had problems with the batteries that were not under warranty, and Tesla asked for the equivalent of $ 22,000 for a battery replacement.

Katainen did not like the price considering the used Model S vehicles from 2013 at a price of about 35,000 euros in Finland, and did not have access to a third-party store to repair the package.

What options does a person have at that stage? Quite a bit actually: you can try to find a used battery pack, you can sell the car as non-functional and still get decent money on it, or you can sell it for parts.

But Katainen decided to go the other way.

He turned to YouTuber Pommijätkät, a channel known for blasting things, to connect 30kg of dynamite to the electric vehicle and blow it up:

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