Lemon gives away a million pesos in cryptocurrencies: how to participate

“We have a bomb to end the year: Lemmy Noel is blowing the house out of the window with a raffle of one million pesos in $ SOMETHING for two people! “, says Lemon, one of the Argentine applications of the year and Argentine company that this year turned into a unicorn.

The first thing to explain is what it is “SOMETHING“:” It is the Algorand token, a decentralized open source blockchain that takes advantage of a two-tier structure and uses PPoS to increase the speed of transactions and solve the Blockchain trilemma”, They explain from Lemon.

This, which sounds so technical, is a problem native to the world of cryptocurrencies, which are inscribed on the blockchain: the security, the scalability (or speed) and the decentralization, three key legs to make the system safe.

The second thing is basically how to participate.

Have the app, buy a thousand pesos

Lemon explains that to participate you have to comment on the “$ lemontag”. This is like a kind of identification, a username. Also, you have to tag a friend on Instagram or Retweet the above tweet on Twitter.

The second thing to do is buy at least 1.000 pesos in any cryptocurrency within the app. There is time until December 31st.

As they explained, it is not necessary to buy the thousand pesos in the same cryptocurrency: “You can buy for example: $ 300 in BTC, $ 300 in ETH and $ 400 in ADA. “

Nor is it necessary that the purchase be in a transaction of the day: you can buy from today until December 31, which is the deadline to participate.

“We are going to have an Instagram winner and a Twitter winner. You can participate in both networks. On Monday, January 3, we are going to raffle The finalists and live we announce the first and second place”, They explained from the company.

There is time until December 31st.

The first prize is 700 thousand pesos and the second 300 thousand, both in the cryptocurrency SOMETHING.

Lemon, one of the Argentine apps of the year

The Lemon Cash team, an Argentine company. Photo Twitter Lemon

Lemon became very popular this year not only in the investing world (it spent a billion dollars in value in the market), but also due to the implementation of the use of legal tender cryptocurrencies in El Salvador.

At a technological level we are providing a tool to one of the financial institutions in El Salvador to be able to accept payments in BTC and simultaneously not run a risk due to the volatility of the digital asset, giving them the possibility that the assets can be converted into dollars in real time “, Marcelo had explained Cavazzoli, CEO and Co-Founder of Lemon Cash a Clarín on September 7.

Founded in San Martín de los Andes, in the city of Neuquén, Lemon tried to turn this tourist center into a cryptocurrency laboratory. Created in 2019 by a group of local youth, its main product is Lemon Cash, a virtual wallet to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, send and receive money and receive earnings in crypto every week.

The data from San Martín de los Andes suggest that there is a kind of “boom cripto”: el 40% of businesses that process Lemon Cash payments through a QR or mobile payment terminal convert funds to cryptocurrencies.

In addition, they have a card that works like a debit card. The prepaid card they use uses the balances both in pesos and in Bitcoin and other digital currencies, to pay at any location that accepts Mastercard.

This means that if you have a balance in cryptocurrencies, you can pay with the card at any place that has a posnet or a system to accept card payments, and the balance will be debited in crypto.

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