Anyone who does fitness knows the difficulty in maintaining a training routine and the need to overcome physical and mental fatigue. The Fit 3.0 device, from the Compex brand series of devices, does not completely replace the need for regular training, but it will help you strengthen and improve muscle performance, all from the comfort of the home sofa.

The device, launched in Israel by Dean Diagnostics and based on Swiss technology, has become very popular among athletes and fitness trainers around the world, as well as among physiotherapists who specialize in sports injuries. It is designed, as mentioned, to help professional trainees and athletes strengthen and improve muscle performance, and does so through electrical stimulation. The devices in the series help improve performance, treat and prevent injuries, speed recovery, and rehabilitate and relieve muscle pain. The device is intended for women and men who train about three times a week and want to keep fit, for people who suffer from joint and muscle pain as well as for victims of sports injuries.

The Fit 3.0 activates muscles through electrical pulses according to the desired program from the variety of programs offered for selection. The pulses are transmitted to the muscle by electrodes placed on the body and connected to the device via cables. In addition, the device is equipped with a unique MI (registered patent) technology through which it scans the muscular system and automatically adjusts the most optimal training. In the first use, the device scans and you have to adjust the vibration intensity so that you can lower it if you feel uncomfortable – from personal experience it is a pleasant experience. After “training” using the device feel the muscle well, as if you did a regular weight training. It is important to emphasize that the use is accompanied by an app through which you can build a training program and track your progress. In addition, the device comes with an instruction set (accompanied by illustration pictures) so you can easily figure out exactly where to place the pulses.

The device has nine fitness programs such as toning arms, strengthening the thighs, chest muscles, toning the buttocks and more. In addition, there are also two recovery programs, as well as eight pain management programs such as reducing muscle pain, neck pain, back pain, preventing cramps, joint pain and the like. You can train with the device at home, take it to the gym or even for outdoor activities – it is convenient to operate and the results are well felt. The device comes with four channels (inputs for four cables), eight square and four rectangular electrodes, an MI cable, a rechargeable battery and a charger. The price of the device is NIS 1,513. Clips for connecting the device to the belt cost NIS 18.

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