Jabra Elite 7 Pro Provides Noise Filtering And Good Audio Experience |  Review

The level of popularity of the various true wireless headphones has risen significantly in recent years, as more and more companies have realized that they should listen to customers’ requirements, and part with the wires. With increasing competition between the various companies, it is quite easy to find such headphones for less than a thousand shekels, which provide good sound, noise filtering and convenient and easy operation. One of the headphone models that has recently hit the market is the Jabra Elite 7 Pro.

Design: The Jabra 7 Pro is very similar to the other models externally, although they are slightly smaller than the Elite 85t, and the coverage is smaller and lighter. They enter the ear and sit very stably – I did not run with them, but they went through several trips with the bitch and did not move from the ear. As for the headset itself, I did not feel the need to change the rubber band to a smaller / larger size, but the way they were sealed made me hear at first any small noise around the head (like a light touch of hair on the headset). However, get used to it quickly.

Usage: In terms of the day-to-day operation of the headphones, they are very similar to the other models of the company, with the physical buttons allowing the performance of a variety of functions, in the gesture of a single, double or triple press. The company’s + Sound app allows you to set and customize each of the different gestures of the headphones. In addition, it also allows the selection of noise filtering power from five possible levels, and customization of the user’s listening profile. The initial activation of the application includes various explanations, and accompanies the users on the way to a complete adjustment of both the silicone gaskets and the noise filtering options.

Sound: The Elite 7 Pro provides users with a good audio experience with full and clear sound, with an emphasis primarily on midrange sounds. The headphones feature an ANC noise filtering mechanism, which combines in each headset a pair of microphones and a bone conduction sensor that is able to detect the vibrations caused by speech. However, it does not compare to the 85t, and did not handle particularly well in a particularly non-noisy environment, such as a street or office. Their passive seal is good enough to provide basic noise filtering. In terms of call quality – they deal quite well with noises, although there have been cases where while having a call in a noisy environment, such as a bus, the background noises have entered the call and both parties have failed to understand each other.

battery: The headphones can be charged using a USB-C cable, with its connection located on the front of the cover, next to the light bulb that shows the battery status of the case and the headphones. In addition, they can be wirelessly charged in the Qi standard. The company notes that the battery in the headphones lasts for up to nine hours of use on a single charge, and a total of 35 hours of listening with the charging case – when the ANC is active, and up to 42 hours without ANC. In addition, a five-minute charge is sufficient for up to an hour of use. Throughout the use of the headphones, I was able to get to the time periods that the company committed to and even a tad more of them.

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