A group of pro-Palestinian hackers from Malaysia, known as DragonForce, claim that they broke into the AcadeMe website (“Academic”) – the largest student and graduate recruitment network in Israel, and stole a database that includes personal information of more than 200,000 students-

An investigation by Mae Brooks-Kempler, founder of the THINK SAFE CYBER community, revealed that the attackers began leaking the information to a public telegram group- “Among the information leaked is a full name, phone number, email and residential address, resume files and login and password information-“

Pro-Palestinian assailants have recently posted messages of support to Gaza residents in the telegram group, which has more than 233,000 registered members, calling for the image to be replaced on social media “as a sign of solidarity with the suffering Palestinian people-“

The hackers also called for attacking Israeli organizations- “This is an urgent call for all hackers, human rights organizations and activists around the world to unite again and start a campaign against Israel, to share what is really happening there, to expose their terrorist activities to the world- We will never remain silent against the war,” the statement said-

Brooks-Kempler warns that this incident joins other information leak events, and increased vigilance is required in receiving e-mails, text messages (SMS) and even regular calls- “All indications are that he managed to get his hands on a very large pool of Israeli students,” she added-

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