No news about Final Fantasy 16 until spring due to the delay in its development caused by the pandemic

Those responsible for Final Fantasy XVI They had promised to share news about this new installment at the end of 2021, but instead they have announced a delay of about half a year in development of the game due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Final Fantasy XVI is the new title in Square Enix’s fantasy role-playing franchise and will be available for the new generation of Sony consoles, PlayStation 5. Although its development has continued throughout this year, the team that works on it, creators from all over the world, has encountered obstacles due to the pandemic.

Specifically, and as explained producer Naoki Yoshida On Twitter, the main obstacle they have had to overcome is decentralization, for which workers have had to keep working from home. This situation has affected communication with the Tokyo (Japan) office, and has led to delays in deliveries or even cancellations.

“We have spent much of 2021 addressing this issue, and we hope to see its impact minimized by the new year, allowing us to better focus on the tasks at hand: increase the quality of graphical assets, refine combat mechanics, develop individual battles, put the finishing touches on cut scenes, and perform general graphical optimization“, has detailed Yoshida.

In general, the manager has indicated that the delay reaches almost half a year of work, and that the initial plans to offer more information on the same at the end of 2021 they have also had to be postponed until spring 2022.

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