XPG Vault is a mouse with an SSD drive for storing video games

The company XPG has advanced the novelties that it will present at the consumer electronics fair Las Vegas CES 2022 (United States), including a mouse concept with internal storage to store your video game library.

XPG Vault is the name of the mouse with which the accessories company wants gamers to “have their video game library in the palm of their hand.” To do this, it has incorporated a 1TB solid state memory that works to a speed of 985MB / s, as indicated in a statement.

This mouse needs connect to the computer using a USB Type-C cable, its design does not differentiate it from a standard mouse, being, in addition, very similar to the other mouse that the company will also bring to CES, Alpha, which will have both wired and wireless versions.

Along with this mouse, the company also new elements for computers dedicated to gaming, such as a new chassis, a fan and a power supplytation; new SSD and DRAM drives, Y laptops of the XPG Xenia family.

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