Another blow to Google: the reason billions will not be able to use the Chrome browser

Another blow to Google: The company reported that the next version of the Chrome browser is expected to cause a significant problem for the two billion users. The new issue concerns the current version numbers of Chrome, which now officially stands at 96 – and the developer version stands at 99. When Chrome reaches its 100th version, websites will be “broken” and simply not loaded.

This is because many sites check the browser version that visits the site, with web design software only checking the first two digits – so that Chrome 100 will be read as “10” – and will be blocked. The reason for the test is to prevent (for security reasons) a visit to the site using older versions that are not supported by Chrome, with version 40 and above being a common cut-off point.

Surfing Google Chrome on mobile? Delete it immediately from the device this is the reason

As mentioned, Google is currently examining the possibility of changing the way the version numbers are displayed, so that the digits 99 will be locked as the first two digits. However, the hack in question is a rather messy solution, and tests are still being conducted to test its effectiveness. This means that if no solution is found – users need to prepare for the interruption – or find another browser until the problem is resolved.

Based on the current pace of Google’s versions, Chrome Canary users are expected to face the disruption as early as next month, and billions of users using the stable version of the browser will enjoy three to six months of proper browsing.

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