A former employee of Tiktok is suing: My mental health has been harmed because of abusive videos

Candie Frazier had to watch hours of videos every shift, among the videos were rapes, animal abuse, suicides and even cannibalism. She is now suing the company that failed to protect her mental health and claims: I suffer from trauma and depression

An offensive content critic is suing Tiktok and its parent company ByteDance after she was exposed to hours of offensive content and claims her mental health was harmed. According to the lawsuit, Tiktok failed to defend her mental health after she had to watch hours upon hours of traumatic videos that included: cannibalism, rape, animal harm, suicides and other horrific content.

Candie Frazier, who worked through a contractor company in Tiktok, stated that content critics are forced to work at a ridiculous pace and have to watch hundreds of videos a day with very few breaks. A shift of such a visitor lasts 12 hours and includes only one hour of lunch break and two short quarters of a quarter of an hour.

Despite the long shifts visitors are sometimes forced to watch three to ten videos at a time, devoting only 25 seconds to each video.

According to the site the Verge, the parent company faithfully monitors the productivity of its visitors and severely punishes employees who waste time.

According to the lawsuit, Tiktok did not adhere to industry-standard standards to protect content critics, which usually include frequent breaks and psychological assistance. According to Fraser, Tiktok also failed to implement technological assistance such as blurring the videos or lowering the resolution of the video that visitors are forced to watch.

Following Frazier’s work at the company, she claims to have suffered from anxiety attacks and depression, symptoms linked to anxiety problems and post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition, she has difficulty sleeping and suffers from terrible nightmares when she does manage to fall asleep.

Frazier’s goal is to get Tiktok to pay her and the other critics for the mental damage they suffer, in addition she wants the court to oblige Tiktok to set up a medical fund that will help the other critics get the treatment they need.

Tiktok declined to comment to a host of media outlets that sought their response on the grounds that they could not respond to a lawsuit. Despite this Tiktok works hard to “promote a supportive work environment for its employees”. In addition their spokesperson stated: “Our safety team is working in partnership with contractor companies on the critical work of protecting Tiktok’s platform and its community. We continue to expand in the field of mental health services so that content critics feel mental and emotional support.”

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