Scams about the Covid certificate grow on Telegram and WhatsApp


The scams about the Covid certificate They have multiplied on social platforms in the last month, through Telegram channels or WhatsApp message chains, where they are offered for those who do not want to be vaccinated in exchange for a payment.

The Telegram and WhatsApp channels fraudulent spread an average of 20 messages per day offering “valid vaccination certificates to travel throughout Europe safely and without worries”, and “a valid and verifiable QR code to move freely around the world”.

According to the data analyzed by the #SaludsinBulos institute and the Saludesfera community, these channels in the messaging ‘apps’ have begun to multiply in the last month, and in exchange for the fraudulent certificates they request a payment, which is around 300 euros, as stated in a statement.

These scams add to other messages on social networks that have been circulating throughout the year promoting pseudo-therapies to “cure the side effects of vaccines.”

“Currently there are hundreds of channels dedicated to this end, promoting evidence-free cures for invented side effects of vaccines. And now the scams about the Covid certificate have been added to these channels, which have their potential audience among citizens who have more doubts about vaccination“, explains Ricardo Mariscal, Head of Institutional Relations at #SaludsinBulos.

Carlos Mateos, coordinator of the #SaludsinBulos institute, warns that “scammers prey on fear and anxiety of the population to try to do business. They produce a false sense of security and are an obstacle to the success of the vaccination campaign. ”

To tackle the problem, #SaludsinBulos and Saludesfera have decided to join together and create the Telegram channel ‘Report a health hoax’, free subscription by any citizen and to whom they can send the false information they receive through social networks.

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