VivoBook 15 Oled: Changing the rules of the game

The laptop from ASUS ‘new series, the VivoBook 15 OLED, is revolutionizing the line of laptops in the mid-price range, offering a high-quality OLED display with 1080 FHD resolution, along with an Intel 11th generation processor and a quality video card from Nvidia – all for NIS 4,890.

ASUS ‘move sets a new standard for laptops in this price range in terms of image quality and color profile – and while the plastic chassis and design can benefit from an upgrade, it’s still a system with excellent performance when compared to competitors.

The change ASUS has made is to install a 15-inch OLED 1080 FHD screen instead of the OLED K4 boards that are commonly found in more expensive laptops. Add to that an Intel Core i7 U-series processor and an MX350 graphics card from NVIDIA and you get a quality computer for viewing, graphics work and even good enough to carry quite a few advanced AAA games.

It’s true that in terms of design these are simplistic models compared to the Asus gaming series, but the emphasis given by the developers is below the engine. It should be noted that despite the specifications, it is still a lighter computer than many competitors and weighs only 1.56 kg and is thin enough not to take up too much space.

In terms of connections and connectivity, the laptop comes with a USB 3.2 Type-A port, USB 3.2 Type-C, 2 USB 2.0 Type-A ports, a port for Micro Sd cards, an HDMI port 1, .4 and a headphone port. This is in addition to Wi-Fi 6, which provides excellent coverage for wireless Internet reception and fast data transfer. As we mentioned this is a mid-range laptop, so it is worth emphasizing that the HDMI port lacks support for K4 external monitors at 60 FPS and of course the USB ports are slower than the newer version on the market.

Charging the battery takes 90 minutes to fully charge and it consumes more power than similar computers because of the screen and the graphics card, at the level of principle when you work at loads you should have a close charging station.

Processor performance is excellent and surpasses most computers in this price range equipped with I7 processor. The place where we see superiority over the competitors is the graphics performance thanks to the MX350, true the new and demanding games will not run on the laptop, but older games like FIFA20 or GTA V should be played without issue in FHD. And without a doubt it holds prominent advantages over Intel’s built-in graphics card IRIS. It is important to note that the average consumer looking for a computer in this price range thinks more about work and less games, but it is still an option that exists without a few old titles. In terms of work the specification meets most of the requirements and you will be able to run heavy and demanding software.

It is also important to note that the computer is not noisy, the internal fan keeps quiet even at medium processing loads. You can also control noise and performance using MYASUS software with three modes: Whisper, Balanced and Performance. We should also note that the computer’s speakers are powerful enough to fill only a small or medium room. In conclusion, the VivoBook 15 OLED brings a different and upgraded viewing experience to laptop consumers who do not want to burn their pockets, but are looking for a graphically and performance-balanced experience.

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