Tumblr Expands Sensitive Content, Leaving Cereal Tiger And Actor Eugene Levy Out Of Searches

Tumblr has updated his app for iOS devices In order to comply with the App Store’s guidelines for sensitive content, they exclude entries about actor Eugene Levy or the Kellogg’s cereal tiger from suggestions or searches.

The social network has expanded what it understands as sensitive content, in such a way that when searching for content by keywords, users will access a smaller set of results, although it may be the case that none is shown, as explained in a statement.

In the event that you click on a blog that has been marked for its explicit content, a message will appear that it has been hidden for its potential suggestive or explicit content, and it will not open. What’s more, fewer suggestions will be displayed for the user.

The platform has explained that for be able to continue being in the App Store You had to make changes to sensitive content in the iOS app. And he assures that he understands that it can generate “frustration” in some users, but that he is working on a review on the way in which sensitive content is accessed safely.

The new bans include entries on ‘Tony the tiger’ (Kellogg’s cereal mascot), ‘Mary Jane’ (Spiderman character) o actor Eugene Levy (Jim’s father in American Pie), along with expressions like ‘no rebloguear’, as collected in TechCrunch, which join others more easily linked to sensitive content such as sex, drugs and porn, according to the unofficial list made by users of the platform.

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