Surveillance becomes impossible: the digital money of terrorist organizations

Antisemitism, it turns out, is not just graffiti on walls, smashing gravestones, violence and accusations of spreading the corona. It already has an up-to-date face within the financial system of cryptocurrencies, and between Bitcoin and Ethereum the Monroe currency was born – does that mean anything to you?

Far-right organizations have consistently adopted antisemitic conspiracy theories, accusing Jews of an international conspiracy that includes taking over the world in general, and the United States in particular. The number of members in these groups has been steadily rising in recent years. Which add up-to-date motifs and conspiracy theories to the 21st century, with the most prominent and up-to-date example being the unfounded claim that the Jews were the ones who caused the spread of the corona virus. Meanwhile, the Alt-Right organization is a classic example of the connection between anti-Semitism and the new currencies.

The “Alt-right”, short for “Alternative Right”, is one of the most famous groups and web pages of the “White Nationalist Movement”. This news site, which went live on July 4, 2013, is affiliated with the radical right in the United States, and especially with the alternative right movement.

This site has about 4 million views every month. According to the American economic magazine Fortune, the issues raised on the site include items full of slander against the democratic United States, praising Russian President Vladimir Putin (“Putin is a devout Christian man”), clashing with blacks (“White women have sex with blacks to spread AIDS”) ), Denies the proud community (“same-sex relationships will be the cause of World War III”), defames Hollywood (“the Oscars proved that Jews are racists too”), and the “Jewish problem” (for which a unique section of the site was designated).

The site is a tool for spreading the ideology of Andrew Anglin – the site’s founder and editor-in-chief, who points out that the liberal media can not be trusted to truly inform the public. England began raising funds around the world using decentralized currencies (“digital currencies”) after the activities of these organizations were banned by traditional financial institutions. This ban came about due to their racist activities, and these currencies constituted an economic refuge for their users to avoid the supervision of banks, regulators and courts. A quote from a Telegram official illustrates this: “We all know that Jews and their servants control the global financial system. When they catch you with the wrong opinion, they will take it upon themselves to shut you out of this system, making your life very difficult. One alternative to this system is Distributed. ”

Because bitcoin transactions have been given a kind of oversight and regulation and are therefore less suited to racist activity, in November 2020 England called for abandoning bitcoin and asking its supporters to send it money only in Monero – a “privacy currency” designed to improve anonymity by hiding users’ data and transactions.

International far-right organizations such as the “Nordic Resistance Movement” – a Scandinavian neo-Nazi movement banned in Finland, and “Participating Democracy in France” – a racist and antisemitic site outlawed in France, seek donations in Monroe currency only. “Money is the harbinger of war,” reads the site’s fundraising page, and “Thanks to your support, we can continue to prevent Jews and their allies from sleeping peacefully.”

FATF – Financial Action Task Force has warned of intensifying international transactions between these extremist organizations: Expanding and concealing antisemitic activity around the world.

If in the past it was easier to track the money route and sue extremist terrorist organizations and antisemitic organizations, today this action has become difficult to the point of impossible. Hate crimes and anti-Semitism have found refuge in online and money-funded online networks. This threat does not find a satisfactory solution to its eradication of existing laws, and requires prompt action on the issue.

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