The iPhone broke down?  Another network has been certified as an official laboratory for repairs of Apple products

The iStore chain has been certified as an official laboratory for repairing Apple products in Israel and is becoming the third player in the official laboratories market. The chain is certified as an official laboratory and will be a source of service for all Apple customers in Israel and abroad, regardless of where they purchased the product, in contrast to competing marketers who provide service in its branches – only to their customers and devices purchased abroad.

According to iStore, network technicians will take care of all Apple customers, no matter where they purchased their devices. According to them, this move will significantly increase the quality of service that many Apple customers in Israel will receive. The iStore emphasizes that as an official laboratory, service will be given to Apple products with international warranty that have been purchased anywhere in the world and are subject to Apple’s regional service terms.

IStore also stated that it will use original parts in each repair, and that in the event of significant malfunctions, defective devices will be replaced with new ones, in accordance with the policies of Apple Labs worldwide.

The official laboratory will first be established at the 149 Dizengoff branch in Tel Aviv, and in the coming months iStore will expand the official laboratory services to the other branches in order to offer fast repair times and service points accessible to the Israeli public. The chain, which has been known for its fast and professional service since its inception, will now add the enormous benefits of becoming an official laboratory on top of its salient advantages today – including fair prices, full transparency with the customer, providing creative solutions to any malfunction, warranty and market-leading repair times.

Istore store on Dinzgoff Street in Tel Aviv (Photo: Eran Turgeman)

The iStore network was established in 2006 and engaged in parallel imports of Apple products. The chain has been a prominent player in Apple’s market in Israel, while providing added value to private and business consumers for the past 10 years. In 2016, Apple turned to iStore and offered to join the company’s business as an official marketer in order to strengthen the brand’s status in Israel and be an alternative to the existing marketer, and thus the chain became an official marketer of Apple products in Israel.

Haim Zaguri, owner of iStore, said following receiving the recognition, that “for the past 15 years, we have provided a professional and market-leading solution for all Apple devices in Israel in the iStore service laboratory. We started as a single laboratory in our first branch in Dizengoff and since then we have expanded to four branches, each of which provided a repair service to all Apple customers. Certification of our service lab to an official Apple lab in Israel is a milestone for us in the full sense of the word as it allows our customers to enjoy the best repair service that includes Apple-certified technicians who use original components that come directly from Apple, and more. Moreover, we invest a lot of resources and efforts to differentiate and upgrade the customer service experience in order to continue to offer a service experience that does not exist anywhere else. ”

The chain includes five physical branches: the flagship branch in Dizengoff 149; Negev Mall Beer Sheva; Raanana Mall Raanana; The Kiryat Ono Mall and in the spring of 2022 the new branch will open in Rothschild Tel Aviv. The network’s online branch is a digital store for all Apple products, accessories and more.

During 2022, further expansion of the chain is planned with the opening of additional branches in additional premium locations throughout the country.

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