This is how scammers use WhatsApp to gain your trust and steal your money with blackmail

The scam attempts, far from being alien to social networks, they take advantage of the wide reach that these platforms have to try to deceive the largest number of people and obtain money with tricks that in the case of WhatsApp, they can end up blackmailing the victim to get their money.

Sorry, who are you? I found your number in my address book“is a formula that scammers use to start a conversation with potential victims and earn their trust, as they point out from the WABetainfo portal, which has recently been the subject of one of these attempts.

Far from trying to solve the enigma of a contact without a name, what they are looking for is get your interlocutor to add you as a contact on social networks popular like Facebook or Instagram, and from that moment start the second part of the plan: get money.

The conversation that continues, with trivial questions about the user’s name, their job, or how old they are, which can be accompanied by compliments, may not alert the potential victim enough, and cause them to finally add you to their personal social networks.

Initially, expanding the number of contacts on Facebook does not seem like a big problem, but it is the intention behind that request that should be of concern, since it is happening access to photos, contact list and more personal information.

WABetainfo explains that scammers they use the photos, as they have been shared or manipulated, to blackmail the victim, threatening to share them with family and friends if they do not agree to a payment. And since they are looking for money, the blackmail may never end.

Although it is about a well-known scamIt does not hurt to remember it, since, as they have pointed out from the specialized WhatsApp portal, it can arrive at a delicate moment, at a mental or even mental level, for the potential victim, which makes them more vulnerable.

If this scam attempt is detected, recommend report it immediately to WhatsApp (it can be done from the profile information), and even raise the security level of the account, limiting access to the profile photo, or even report it to the police if the situation ends badly.

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