With losses from giants like Microsoft, a new edition starts with Ómicron as the protagonist

Once again, the Covid-19 put in check the most important traditional consumer electronics fair in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022. This Wednesday, the 5th, in Las Vegas, the fair will return to its face-to-face format after the 2021 edition was virtual by first time in its more than 50 years of history.

However, a few days before the start, the increase in the number of infections of the Omicron variant of the virus, pushed more than 30 companies to cancel their presence. Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, Google, HP, Twitter, Facebook (Meta) y Amazon, among others, decided not to be at the event.

Neither will automakers like Nissan and General Motors. And the telephone operator T-Mobile, which is also a sponsor of CES, announced that it will “significantly” limit its participation in Las Vegas.

Concerned about the health of their employees, most companies chose to make virtual presentations to follow online from their countries. It will be an event in hybrid format.

LG, one of the giants that never fails, is going this year in person. Reuters photo

Pressured, in CTA, the organizing company, resisted and assured that the 52nd edition of the event will not be canceled. But they had to modify the original plans. To reduce the risks of contagion, they decided to cut the agenda and have the fair end one day earlier than planned, on Friday the 7th. It is “an additional security measure to the current health protocols that have been implemented ”, they explained in an official statement.

They also promised to enforce all safety regulations to avoid massive infections: mandatory chinstrap, permanent air filtration, reduced seats and rooms with limited spaces. And all attendees are required to certificate of at least double doses of vaccines (those approved by the WHO, the Russian Sputnik not allowed to enter the US).

Those who do go and what to expect from this edition

"Auto Tests" by Covid, in this edition of CES 2022. Photo AFP “Auto Tests” by Covid, in this edition of CES 2022. Photo AFP

Among the most important companies that did decide to be in the city of sins are Samsung, Japan’s Sony, LG, IBM, Panasonic and the chipmaker Qualcomm.

Amid so much cancellation, what news can be seen at CES? Not many. But there will be several related to technology and health. It is no coincidence that this category has grown significantly with respect to the presence in previous years of the event. This year, Among more than 2000 exhibitors (mostly small and medium-sized companies), about 100 will be from technology and health. A whole record.

Among the novelties that will be seen in the huge Convention Center will be all kinds of products and solutions related to the COVID pandemic, remote diagnosis and monitoring of patients, digital therapy, mental well-being, “wearables” (objects connected to the body), telehealth apps and services.

“Technology improves our lives in so many ways, and this is especially true in healthcare,” said Gary Shapiro, President of CTA. “The pandemic spurred rapid innovation by healthcare companies around the world, which continue to find ways to do our best. safer and longer lives ”.

Three health products making their debut

  • ViraWarn it is an airborne COVID detector. It was developed by Obteev.
  • The software SIMULIA PowerFLOW (Dassault Systèmes) can simulate the spread of water droplets, helping us better understand how COVID-19 spreads. Your “twin virtual experience” begins with a 3D model that represents the shape, dimensions, and properties of a physical product or system.
  • BULO, a device that measures lung health and provides personal breathing exercises. It was developed by Breathings, a health company specializing in lung health created during the COVID pandemic.

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