Friend Brings Friend: The most annoying thing on Twitter is about to change

Twitter has begun an experimental test of a new capability that allows two users to write and tweet together, the Israeli startup company Watchful revealed, which analyzes and reveals user experiences on popular apps and websites. The capability has already been put under radar use among some users in the US and is likely to be officially launched for everyone, including in Israel.

The new feature on Twitter (Photo: screenshot)

A similar capability has recently come into use on Instagram and allows different users to edit a post together that they intend to upload to the social network. For example, friends who have met can coordinate the content and photos that will be uploaded and accumulate likes and comments together. In addition, companies that carry out business collaborations can upload posts together and have them appear simultaneously on the membership pages. This new capability is attracting interest among companies, who are trying to use it to increase exposure to different target audiences.

“We expect that during the year the trend will expand and become an integral part of all social networks. The world of social networking is so competitive that no company can afford to lag behind in terms of digital capabilities and innovation, “says Tania Oleinik, an analyst at Watchful. “There will be an element in our digital conduct.”

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