Dorsal’s new: Get to know the Optimum battery

Optimum – the new generation of Duracell alkaline battery – gives the devices a longer lifespan or longer power, as needed.
Battery-powered devices are an integral part of our daily lives, which are only growing. Devices are divided into two main groups: devices that use the extra energy for an advantage in power (such as motorized toys), and devices that translate the extra energy for an advantage in life expectancy (such as certain game controllers). This way consumers can experience the full potential of the devices when they are working at their best.

The Optimal Duracell battery tries to meet these energy requirements with the help of its new technology, which gives the device a longer lifespan or longer power, depending on the type of device in which the battery is used. Dorsal Optimum brings a new type of technology to AA / AAA alkaline batteries. The new technology allows the battery to adapt itself to the need of the device, whether they are devices that require more powerful performance or longer usage time.

Duracell Engineering is innovating its cathode technology (the electrode from which an electric current comes out), adding a new specific component based on 14 patents, which gives a significant “booster”. The result is the battery with the highest energy density of Dorsal’s alkaline batteries, which provides more life or more power depending on the type of device. One of the devices that was very easy to perform the test on was a cat toy, which consumes two AAA batteries and provided about six consecutive hours of work. In the new batteries, the device operated for more than 12 hours without any problem or loss of power. The batteries also come in a new package, which becomes a collection box for used batteries and thus makes order in the “collection” of batteries that is in every home.

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