Tiktok mimics Twitter?  The social network is on its way to a very significant change

Tiktok is considering adding a new button that will make it easier to share the favorite videos they have encountered on the platform, according to an advertisement on the TechCrunch website. According to the report, this is a version of the Twitter retweet button. The new Twitter button “Repost” allows surfers to share with their followers their favorite videos on the platform.

Unlike re-tweeting on Twitter, the video shared through the new feature will not appear on the participant’s TikTok profile, but will only appear in the user’s For You updates.

Batiktok told the site: “We are always thinking of new ways to bring value to our community, and enrich the user experience. Right now, we are experimenting with a new way that will allow people to share the Tiktok videos they have enjoyed.”

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