Only 3% of the high-tech in the country is in the Negev, This is a figure to which one cannot remain indifferent. In recent years, the Innovation Authority has understood the need to develop innovation and take it beyond Raanana-Rishon Lezion to the periphery, understanding that good minds can also be found in the southern and northern cities, and understanding that these areas have future growth potential. .

One of the most prominent incubators is the InNegev incubator, which won the Innovation Authority tender in January 2020 as part of peripheral incubators, and operates with the intention of promoting innovation in the south. The incubator operates in the fields of agro-food technology, cleantech and industry 4.0, and has already invested in three ventures in these fields, and has promoted more than 20 additional ventures under various programs under its management.

The InNegev Incubator unites some of the leading industrial, academic and financial forces in the south and in Israel in general, serving as industrial and financial partners: Bnei Shimon Regional Council, Sodastream, Netafim, Dolev and Kibbutz Hatzerim, Sami Shimon College and Alpha Capital Investment Fund. Simon – Chairman of the Greenhouse, Kobi Lieberman – Managing Director, Arnon Columbus – CEO of the Greenhouse, Dror Green – VP of Finance, Amir Tzach – VP of Business Development, Noa Israelowitz – Operations Manager.

“The InNegev incubator is the center of innovation in the Negev, and leverages all the much-needed work that is already happening in the region,” says Columbus. “This is a greenhouse that works for the south, and the goal is to create a synergy between all the anchors and the many good resources of the Negev and to attract companies and startups to the vision of the Negev flourishing, thus bringing a new impetus to innovation in the south.

InNegev works hard to recruit portfolio companies and grow innovation in the South. Under it are already three companies, all of which are based in the south, or the entrepreneurs are residents of the south.

“The incubator and its partners provide these companies with all the means at our disposal, from laboratories, physical work space and strong connections in the industry to mental help and mentoring at all stages of development – from idea to market. Our essence as an incubator is to be the innovation father in the Negev.” Pure number.

In addition to these, the incubator develops programs that provide tools for entrepreneurs from the south, so that they can recruit investors and be mature enough to enter under the incubator. One of these programs is Start InNegev. The program includes eight-week training, accompanied by professional guidance and mentoring. “This is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs and technological entrepreneurs in the areas of expertise of the incubator and its partners, to learn and get to know us better, and at the same time acquire specialization and develop valuable relationships,” says Tzach.

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