Transport Group, established in 1955, is the largest transportation and logistics company in Israel. It employs close to 5,000 employees in dozens of different divisions and subsidiaries. The group operates in a wide range of land transportation and infrastructure works, including importing buses and trucks, managing supply chains and carrying out complex national projects using fleets of cranes and means of transportation, such as lowering Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv, moving the IEC and others.

In a group where there is extensive activity, the issue of documents in general and contracts in particular is critical and complex. The many types of documents include purchase contracts, agreements and sales forms of vehicles and engineering equipment. These are all processes involving different functionaries with a particular order of signatures. In addition, those processes are of paramount importance to the organization and quality of service that traffic customers receive.

A transport group sought to make the organization’s document signing processes more manageable, reliable and faster, and opted for Comsign’s digital signing solution.

Comsign Company Approves Secure Digital Signatures (Photo: comsign)

Ron Sapir, the group’s information systems manager, says, “On any given day, we produce hundreds of documents that require a signature. Before moving to a digital signature, we had to move pages from table to table, some naturally delayed, others lost, while managers worked from home. Great and delays. “

Transport Group chose Comsign’s Wesign for signature solutions that combine a friendly interface, convenient user experience, high information security and the ability to integrate and interface with various in-house information systems. Ron expands and talks about the fast and independent ability to create new documents for signing, the high functionality that can be embedded in any document and the ease of creating legal and signature flows.

One of the benefits of traffic is the ability to know exactly where the document is, who is next in line to sign it and keeping a copy for anyone who signs in an orderly and accessible archive. Traffic tells about transparent, fast, accurate processes that save a lot of time and resources.

During the Corona period, the ability to sign remotely gained importance and allowed the organization to continue to operate comfortably on this level, saving the organization a great deal of awkwardness in sending urgent documents through couriers. Alongside this, Ron soon created a digital health declaration form for the company’s employees, allowing them to sign online, and for the organization to meet the reporting conditions.

Zeev Space, Founder and CEO Comsign A message: “wesign is a complete signature portal, which provides a solution to the customer’s needs from A to Z. You can sign a graphic signature, a secure signature, an approved signature with a card or token, a signature on a central signature server and any type of signature. An organizational WORKFLOW and number “We are authorized to sign and the solution is a complete solution to all the needs of the large or medium-sized organization.

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