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Samsung has announced this Tuesday the launch in Spain of its new 2021 Q Series sound bars, a family that has the True Dolby Atmos sound technology and the Q-Symphony system to combine sound channels.

Samsung’s new Q Series soundbars from 2021 make use of the SpaceFit Sound technology, which studies the environment automatically, analyzing it according to the elements of the room to offer an improved three-dimensional sound, as Samsung has informed through a statement.

The flagship of Samsung’s Q Series soundbar range is the HW-Q950A model, which has 11.1.4 channels. Thanks to its combination with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, it allows each sound to be heard separately as it flows around the viewer.

Its included rear speakers have a vertical channel to deliver three-dimensional sound that reflect the audio from the ceiling, while its new Bass Boost function allows you to add a more powerful bass with one click. The Tap Sound function makes it possible to play mobile music by tapping a device on the sound bar.

The second model of the new Samsung Q Series is the soundbar HW-Q800A, which has SpaceFit Sound technology, which analyzes the environment in which it has been placed to adapt its sound and achieve the highest quality.

Different elements can affect the perception of sound, such as the position of the television, the furniture around it -such as a carpet- and even the height of the room. However, HW-Q800A compensates any alteration so that the sound is heard in the best quality.

HW-Q800A also combines its eight speakers with 3.1.2 channels and Dolby Atmos and DTS: X technology, get moving sound and a better experience combined with Q-Symphony.

The third member of the range is HW-Q600A, a sound bar that analyzes the acoustic signal of the environment and automatically delivers optimized sound depending on each scene. Smart sound lets you hear voices clearly even at low volumes.

For its part, S60A, developed as a Lifestyle modelDesigned to match Samsung’s range of TVs of the same name, it also employs Q-Symphony technology.

In addition, the Q Series soundbars feature a Game Pro mode to create an immersive gaming experience with scene-enhancing ‘subwoofers’ and speakers that provide immersive sound.

The soundbar automatically switches to Game Mode when it is activated on the Samsung TV, and they are compatible with the Wireless Surround Kit, with which they allow you to create a channel system that enhances the experience.

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