Dell presents Concept Polaris, an eGPU born from the redesign of its Alienware graphics amplifier

Dell’s gaming brand, Alienware, presented at CES 2022 Concept Polaris, the evolution of its external graphics processing unit (eGPU) Alienware Graphics Amplifier, launched in 2014 to house graphics cards and that discontinued in mid-2021.

This device features a different design than its predecessor, since it is manufactured with a white housing and rounded format. Additionally, it features Alien FX loop lighting and can be oriented both vertically and horizontally.

For power, the manufacturer has chosen a solution that provides power through a power adapter. dual alternating current, instead of using a built-in power supply.

In addition, the device supports two types of power, of 330 W o de 425 W, depending on the quality of the graphics required by the user for the games.

Alienware Concept Polaris supports 16-inch graphics cards and is equipped with a 240mm Cryo-Tech cooling solution, including the brand’s thermal interface material, Element 31.

This is based on gallium in liquid state encapsulated that does not conduct electricity and is responsible for absorbing a lot of heat without damaging the internal components of the device.

Unlike the brand’s previous graphics amplifier, this one provides connectivity through ports Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4 y USB-4. It also has USB-A, USB-C and 2.5 GB Ethernet ports.

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