FIFA 22: A new look – familiar moves

The annual release of the popular football simulation from EA SPORTS, FIFA 22 (FIFA 22), has received a significant and prominent upgrade in terms of animations and the graphic side of the game – however very few changes in the various modes offered in the game and the gameplay itself.

Let’s start positive: FIFA’s leap forward in the transition to new generation consoles (PS5 and XBOX X) is a refreshing breeze after years of stagnation in the series and finally gives reason to acquire the game beyond updating player status and team transitions.

This year EA introduced HyperMotion technology – an innovative way to capture players’ animations to achieve a more realistic result. While previous FIFA games captured the animations of only a handful of players and in a special studio, this time 11 players were used on each team on a full-size football pitch, with each player wearing special mo-cap costumes.

Mish who runs the game on K4 TV, in the new generation version, will immediately recognize the differences: the hand movements and legs are more realistic, the shirt’s contact with the body is more natural and the whole movement of the ball and the laws of physics have drastically improved – up to the ball’s contact with the net. In the end, putting all these little improvements together is without a doubt the most visually impressive FIFA experience that has come out in years – and we have only just begun to scratch the surface in terms of future capabilities.

In general, the key word in FIFA 22 is a presentation, and we will soon reach a shortage of content, but you immediately notice that the cover has become more prestigious. Specials and senior footballers, like Messi and Ronaldo, gain quality and hair movement so natural that we have not seen it before.

Some of the upgrades of the new generation also affect the gameplay itself, with a massive improvement in the computer’s ability to play against you in a smart and efficient way, especially in defense. The goalkeepers have also improved and are making saves that have not been successful in the past and in general all the movement of the ball and the players on the pitch feels more natural. The new generation also gets a new and refreshing photo angle and in general not a bad show at all. The animations are also expressed when the players are not with the ball, some will look frustrated, others will shout for delivery, this adds even more to the sense of realism in the game.

Off the field we are watching spot upgrades rather than the massive refurbishment the Mods needed to get. The differences in game mechanics and tactics pillars and player management are negligible and most of those who played last year will pick them up after a game or two. In the mod category only “Career Mod” has received a noticeable upgrade, you can now set up from scratch a team instead of an existing real world team, if you choose a career as a manager. You have the option to choose the player sets, emblem, stadium, crowd noise and more. It is very refreshing and surprising and without a doubt a fun and meaningful change.

Even if you chose to just focus on your career as an actor you will see some good changes, although this mod is far from perfect and needs a lot of work. But this year add all sorts of upgrades that you can put on your player as you collect points and there are goals that need to be reached at the end of a game and at the end of a season, so this time you have a reason to start investing in this mode.

Unfortunately here the changes end. The game is full of content you are familiar with from previous years, the option to play online, display games in all the major leagues and competitions like the Champions League. As for Volta, which is a 3 on 3 or 5 on 5 street football returns with some new sites from around the world. Of course there is a return of the UTLIMATE TEAM mod, no matter how much you invest in it in the end if you want to get a competitive team in this online gaming mode (this is a mod that collects and buys players’ cards and past to attach them to your dream team and compete), you will have to spend money , And a pity.

Eventually FIFA’s leap to the new generation began on the right foot visually and necessary improvements for movement on the pitch, but there is still a lot of work to be done in the locker room. A copy of the game was obtained by Adli United, the official importer of the FIFA 22 game in Israel.

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