Drinking water, coffee and other beverages – Some people prefer to drink their coffee early in the house when it is boiling, and some people prefer to drink it hot, so that they do not have to wait for it to cool down a bit. Whether you leave the house with a bottle (reusable, of course) or not, your use of the water bar is likely to be different from that of others in the house. If you have small children at home, this can affect the use, because on the one hand they want to be independent and pour water on their own, but there is still some danger that they will reach the button of the boiling water.

The tami4edge water berry series, from Strauss Water, tries to address some of these issues. These are two models of water bars that learn the usage habits of the users and respond to them accordingly. The tami4edge is based on an IoT-based technological infrastructure, which connects to the home Internet network and enables remote control and execution of operations via a dedicated application – available for iPhones and Android devices and connects to the water bar via WiFi.

The app allows users to get information about their personal water consumption, alongside the general one, as well as about alerting to malfunctions or the need to replace the MAZE water purifier and UV light directly to the personal area in the edge app. In addition, the smart water bar learns the consumption habits of the users so that it learns to boil the water at a time when most of the household members are waking up. Another feature allows you to set up eight profiles with different characteristics – so that each member of the household can track their personal water consumption, set drinking destinations and how they prefer to drink.

Personally, I have added to my profile the water bottle I hang out with on a daily basis so that one click is enough and I get the frozen water I love, while the other household members prefer their water a little warmer. The customizable drinks – for example the size of the cup of coffee and the temperature of the water, definitely improve the experience of use, and the very ability to measure the amount of water I consumed encouraged me to drink more, as I realized how much I do not drink enough in my daily life.

The choice whether to download the app or not is the sole responsibility of the consumers, so it is not mandatory for day-to-day operation and use. In addition, it enables the remote control of the device – when you can boil the water and pour it without touching the water bar, and also control its various settings, including activating a child safety mechanism.

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