Popcorn Time announces its closure due to the disinterest of Internet users

The popular hacking website Popcorn Time, which allowed access to movies and series illegally, has announced its definitive closure due to the decrease in the interest of the Internet users themselves.

The Popcorn Time page It is no longer accessible and its owners have posted a farewell message with the text ‘RIP’ and an image that modifies its logo, a package of popcorn, which now appears ‘dead’.

Likewise, those responsible for Popcorn Time have accompanied their farewell message with a graphic in which they show the possible cause of the decrease in interest in the platform from 2016, whose popularity did not go back since then.

The hacking service was originally created in 2014Although its creators abandoned the project days after its launch and the initial platform was removed. It allowed access to movies and series illegally although it did not host the content thanks to the use of torrents.

However, because Popcorn Time is open sourcewas later revived and republished by the hacking community, allowing it to remain in operation to this day.

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