Hair coloring device and TV on wheels: the best innovations at CES

The CES International Technology Exhibition, held in Las Vegas, in a limited format due to the spread of the omicron, included as every year many announcements from many companies.

Here are some of the innovations you should be familiar with:

Samsung quietly unveiled theGalaxy S21 FE, The new device in the S21 series launched last year. This is a strange timing, as the announcement of the company’s next flagship device series is expected next month. The device is equipped with a 6.4-inch screen and is available in four new colors: olive green, purple, white and graphite gray.

In addition, it is equipped with a 4,500mAh battery, with the company claiming that it can be charged to 50 percent more in half an hour, when using fast charging (25W). The global launch of the device is expected this coming Tuesday (January 11), although it can already be ordered in a variety of chains and stores across the country.

The recommended price for the consumer is NIS 2,499

Galaxy S21 FE (Photo: Samsung)

Indai unveiled theMobED Excentric Droid (MobED) – A robot that can move on complicated surfaces and uneven ground. This is a flat and rectangular body, which rides on four large wheels, with an independent suspension that allows for optimal body posture and stable movement. This allows it to move in complex urban environments, by freely adjusting the wheelbase and steering angles. It is designed to operate as a service robot inside and outside the home for deliveries, guidance and photography.

LG has unveiled a new indoor home gardening device called LG Tiiun. The new device, whose name means “sprout” in Korean, also allows inexperienced gardeners to grow vegetables, herbs and even wheat, all in the comfortable environment of their own home, and throughout the year. It is designed as a completely stand-alone system, featuring two shelves that can each accommodate up to six seed packs, alongside three different types of seed sets. Each of the seed packs presents ten holes for sowing seeds, in a way that allows different types of vegetables to be grown simultaneously.

LG gardening device (Photo: PR)LG gardening device (Photo: PR)

Later, LG also unveiled the first TV charging on wheels – LG StanbyME, Which can be taken anywhere in the house. It is equipped with a 27-inch monitor, and a battery that allows viewing for three hours before charging. In addition, the screen can be rotated, tilted and positioned, both in a standard width view – and in length. You can also adjust the height of the TV, which allows you to customize the location of the device according to the usage scenario

In addition, a removable stand allows the viewer to place the phone on top of the LG StanbyME, to create a fast and secure solution for video calls, online lessons and streaming content. Users can also connect their laptops or desktops to StanbyME via wired (USB, HDMI) or wireless connection. Intuitive control options on the new screen include remote control use, touch detection and hand gestures,

LG StanbyME (Photo: PR)LG StanbyME (Photo: PR)

Intel has launched its new 12th generation laptop processor, theCore i9-12900HK, Achieving a record figure of up to 40% improvement over the previous generation. The vast majority of the processor, from the design stages through testing to its serial production, is blue and white and executed by the best local minds of the company.

As mentioned, Intel’s new processor is part of the new series of H processors that the company is currently launching, and will be available to consumers starting February 1, 2022.

Intel processor (Photo: PR)Intel processor (Photo: PR)

Mobilai has announced a number of significant collaborations and innovations, including the first autonomous vehicle for consumers, built on Mobileye Drive. As mentioned, Mobilai and Zeekr, will expand the partnership by building a completely new electric vehicle with L4 capabilities, based on Mobilai’s sensing technology, REM mapping technology and driving policy based on the Responsible-Sensitive Safety (RSS) mathematical safety model. The vehicle’s debut is expected by 2024 in China, with a global launch later.

The Israeli company also unveiled the Udelv Transporter, a dedicated autonomous distribution vehicle operated by Mobileye Drive. As announced last year, Udelv plans to produce more than 35,000 Mobilai-powered commercial vehicles by 2028, with commercial operations expected to begin in 2023.

Ziker and Mobilai (Photo: Mobileye)Ziker and Mobilai (Photo: Mobileye)

The L’Oreal Group has unveiled two innovations in the field of biotech. The first product is theColorsoni, An easy-to-use device at home, which uses an innovative process to mix hair color and apply it evenly. In addition, the color schemes are made of recyclable plastic, and use less plastic compared to a regular hair dye box. The gloves are reusable – up to ten times, instead of disposable gloves included in each hair color box. Also, the color scheme is delivered to the customer’s home in recyclable paper packaging.

The mixing mechanism combines precise amounts of pigment and solution – in order to create a ready-to-use color, with the device itself using the right amount of color on the hair and ensuring that the color is evenly distributed.

The second product is Coloright – is a hair color system with artificial intelligence technology, designed for professional hair stylists. The system virtually radiates the shades that are expected to be obtained using a given color – and the unique algorithm integrated in it allows the color to be adjusted on demand. A special scanner embedded in the device analyzes the customer’s hair, measuring variables that affect the color’s effectiveness – including the existing color, percentage of return hair appearance, length and density. The paint dispersion system includes a dry paint, along with a base cream, mass ingredients and thinners. The precise machine evenly distributes and disperses all the ingredients of the formula – and is able to provide more than 1,500 custom color options.

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