These are the expected trends in e.commerce in the coming year

“In the last two years, the e-commerce sector has been on a significant rise,” emphasizes David Michaeli, director of business development and global expansion at Yotpo, who points to the trends expected this year in the e-commerce industry.

“In 2022, the challenge for all brands will continue to be a battle for consumer attention,” Michaeli explains. “The new regulations in the field of privacy, whether on social networks or through emails and text messages, will continue to increase the cost of purchasing a customer and maximizing the value of the customer’s life, and will further increase the gap between consumer expectations and brand operations.”

“Apple’s new privacy policy, along with changes made by Google, have resulted in stricter restrictions on accurate ads and data sharing,” he adds.

“Brands will go on to produce exceptional experiences, beyond the product they offer, through customer service, loyal customer benefits and personalized recommendations, and will invest in gathering information directly from customers through post-purchase questionnaires, opinion requests and customer portfolio building, as part of the brand’s customer club.”

Another trend he is pointing to is the connection of online and offline experiences. “According to a consumer survey we conducted, over 50% indicated that they plan to consistently combine online and offline shopping by 2022. Brands will need to better connect channels and reduce friction between worlds to improve the consumer experience, which is constantly expecting more.” .

Yotpo has launched a marketing platform designed for online commerce, and contains solutions for reviews, customer clubs, friend brings friend, SMS marketing and more. “In 2022, e-commerce brands will leverage customer loyalty programs by connecting to brand values. Strategic campaigns and reward structures will allow customers to actively support, read content-oriented content of the brand and even take part in joint environmental activities,” says Michaeli.

Moti Cremona, director of the division at Natural Intelligence, explains that the public’s attraction towards the screens will intensify in the coming year.

“The Corona period has caused profound changes in the way we communicate with the world around us,” Cremona explains. “Continued waves of morbidity, entry and exit locksmiths, the variants that are being discovered and the adoption of hybrid models in culture, at work and in leisure are leading consumers to seek answers and solutions online.

“We anticipate that the boiling trends that characterized the onset of the epidemic, such as food shipments, online dating and online insurance purchases will continue to gain momentum in 2022, along with the weakening of other consumer trends, including the consumption of online cultural and arts services, some of which have returned to physical operation.”

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