The next WhatsApp update will fix an annoying issue for users

Most users are members of too many WhatsApp groups at the same time – with quite a few digging. And yes, I’m not just talking about kindergarten, school or university groups. This category also includes groups of work, friends, family or attempts (successful or unsuccessful) to organize certain things.

As is well known, in groups it is possible to tag each other, to make sure that a certain person will not miss the message, or alternatively – to reply point by point to a certain message, even if since then many more messages have been sent in the group. Although these options are not so new in the app, it is still not possible to see in the alert when it is tagged and when in response to a particular message.

This is expected to change in the next WhatsApp update, according to a post on the WabetaInfo blog. This is a change in the alerts of the application, which is expected to become available soon to all users, as part of which it will be possible to see in the alert that appears on the device when it is a response to a particular message and when tagged. Additionally, you can see who responded to the message you wrote, or tag you in the message.

The new alerts on WhatsApp (Photo: Screenshot from Wabetainfo)

If you still do not see the change in question, you will probably have to wait a little longer for it to reach you. In any case, keep in mind that it is not available in private chats, but only in groups.

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