“Bullying”: Google has decided to unleash on Apple

It is possible to divide the world between iOS users and users of Android devices over the years. These two groups live most of the time in peace with each other, when today you can find many features of one of them – in the devices and operating system of the other. However, there are still developments and unique things in each of the operating systems, and in any case people sometimes find it difficult to make the transition between these two systems.

Competition (usually healthy) between companies has risen in recent days, with Google accusing Apple of bullying users. This is because iMessage, the company’s messaging app, is also used to receive regular text messages. As mentioned, an article published in the Wall Street Journal dealt, among other things, with making the application a kind of status symbol among teenagers in the United States, which creates social pressure on young people to purchase Apple devices – managed to irritate the senior executives at Google.

Standard SMS message compared to iMessage message (Photo: Screenshot from Apple’s website)

The app allows users to differentiate between messages sent between iPhones, and those sent from non-Apple devices – with the former appearing in blue, and the rest in phosphorescent green. The article also claims that some users react disgustingly to such green messages, and it follows that in certain groups – the very act of writing the messages from an Android device may even be considered occupied.

The fact that iMessage displays messages sent from different Android devices in a different way, is one of the company’s significant means of attracting new customers, and at the same time even preventing existing ones from considering and replacing a device.

Google attacked Apple, and the official Twitter page of the Android operating system also read: “iMessage should not benefit from bullying.”

The account shared a tweet from Hiroshi Lockheimer, head of Google’s Android division, who wrote: “Using social pressure and bullying as a means of marketing products does not make sense for a company that views humanity and equality as a key part of its values. Standards exist today to fix that.”

In any case, the chance that Apple will change its policy, without some regulatory intervention, seems quite low, so we do not see a change in the issue any time soon.

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